Pathway Program

In the NC State Pathway Program, students take a combination of IEP courses and undergraduate credit courses at the same time allowing them to earn credits towards their graduation requirements. This program is an option for eligible conditionally admitted undergraduate students. Students must apply for the Pathway Program.

Advantages of a Pathway Program

Earn 4-7 credits while in the IEP

Gradually transition from the IEP to your undergraduate major

Small IEP Pathway classes

Receive language support for credit course(s)

Pathway Program Eligibility

Level 5 Pathway

  • New Students: Have at least a TOEFL iBT 70 or an IELTS 6.0*
  • Current IEP Students: Pass level 4

Level 6 Pathway

  • New Students: Have at least a TOEFL iBT 75 or an IELTS 6.0*
  • Current IEP Students: Pass level 5

*IELTS subscores will be taken into consideration for placement into the Level 5 or Level 6 Pathway Program for new students.

Current students- The Pathway Program will not meet during the Summer 2021 semester

New Students – Fall 2021 Pathway Admission

In order to accommodate students who were unable to take the TOEFL or IELTS due to the coronavirus, the IEP will accept scores from the Duolingo English Test for Fall 2021 entry into its Pathway Program (Level 5 Pathway: Duolingo 95; Level 6 Pathway: Duolingo 100). Fall 2021 is the last semester that the Duolingo English Test will be accepted for entry into the IEP Pathway Program.
Visit for more information on this English proficiency test.

Program of Study

Students studying in the IEP lounge.

**Calculus I

MA 141: Science and Engineering Track

  • Your major may not require MA 141. However, this course will be accepted to fulfill the math requirement for most majors. Check your degree requirements to see what math courses are required for your major.
  • If you took Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB or BC in high school, check the NC State website to see if your AP test score places you out of MA 141.

Application Process

In order to be considered eligible for the Pathway Program, you must be conditionally admitted to an undergraduate program of study at NC State.

  1. Take the NC State Math Placement Test (you will need your unity account information)
  2. Complete the Pathway Program application

Apply early, seats are limited. Your application is not considered complete until you have taken the Math Placement Test.

Important Notes

  • Spaces in Pathway are limited. Not all students who apply will be accepted into the Pathway Program. Students will be evaluated for the Pathway Program on a variety of factors including test scores, completion of all application steps, etc.
  • Students that use AP credit to place out of MA 141 are encouraged to enroll in the regular full-time IEP instead of the Pathway Program.
  • If admitted, you will receive an I-20 for a Pathway Program from NC State.
  • Your final grades in the COM 110: Intro to Public Speaking and MA 141:Calculus I classes will count toward your undergraduate GPA.
  • New students only: All new students are required to take the online IEP placement test upon arrival to NC State. The results of the placement exam will not affect your acceptance into Level 5 or Level 6 Pathway. However, if the results of the placement test indicate that you might experience difficulties in your Pathway and credit classes, our student advisor will meet with you to explain your options.
IEP Student Worker showing a student a campus map.

Have Questions?

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