IEP Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

Q: Will IEP classes be online for the fall 2020 semester?

A: Yes. The Intensive English Program will continue to offer the fall 2020 semester online. Online instruction will require the use of Zoom (video conferencing software), the use of Moodle (a learning management system) and email. Part of these classes will require students to be online at a specific time during the day, which for Chinese students, will likely be in the late evening.

Q: Can I still live on-campus?

A: Students who need to remain in their on-campus housing should have completed the Special Circumstances Housing Request Form. Students who are approved to remain in housing will receive more detailed instructions but should be prepared to consolidate to another location. View the NC State Housing FAQ page here. NC State Housing and Dining made an announcement on March 30, 2020 that students will receive refunds for their unused housing and dining plans. Read more about the announcement.

Q: I am thinking about going home. What do I need to consider? What do I need to do?

  1. You should consider the time difference between the US and your home country and whether you would be comfortable doing classes at that time.
  2. You should consider whether Moodle, Google, and Zoom are available and easy to access in your home country. If you go home and have problems accessing your classes online or problems maintaining a good connection to your classes, you will have to withdraw from the semester or IEP program.
  3. Right now there are travel restrictions in place for many countries, which does not allow reentry to this country. We have no way of knowing when these travel bans will be removed or if/when more countries will be added in the upcoming weeks or months. This could cause a problem for you to return in the summer or fall.
    1. Here is the link to the OIS website that explains these issues a bit more. If you scroll down the page to International Students (Enrolled), you will see a question there about completing classwork online from your home country.
    2. If you decide to return home, you must email Jennifer Brown Edwards so that she can make sure you have the necessary paperwork completed with OIS and admissions.

Q: What is the rule about coming to the IEP building?

A: As of March 17, 2020, the IEP building is closed. All instructors and staff will be working from home.

Q: What should I have at my home during the remote learning time period to keep myself healthy?

NC State has emergency resources available to under-resourced students affected by COVID-19. Visit Pack Essentials for more information.

Pack Essentials Care Package Project Arts NC State Resources

Using Zoom

Q: What will we be doing during online classes every day?

A: Class will be much like it was in the classrooms at the IEP. When learning another language, interaction is most important, so expect to be speaking in your classes. As always, you will:

  • participate in whole-class and/or small-group discussions,
  • engage in other learning tasks assigned by your instructor and
  • complete assignments and assessments designed to measure your learning.
  • answer instructor questions
  • IMPORTANT: Your instructors will continue to monitor and record attendance as they did before Spring Break.

Q: How will students and instructors communicate?

  • Your instructor will use Moodle Announcements and Gmail to communicate with you. More than ever, you must check your email several times throughout the day; you are responsible for all information sent to you via Moodle Announcements or Gmail. As always, check your Moodle pages to view all homework assignments, assessments, grades, class resources and, of course, announcements posted by your instructors.
  • You will continue to submit assignments on Moodle and/or on Gmail (as directed by your instructor). Instructors may offer both written and/or audio feedback on your work.
  • You will use video conferencing software called Zoom so that you can see and hear your instructors and classmates and participate in a virtual classroom setting.
  • Students will have the same class schedule as they did before spring break. You will be expected to log in to your classes at the normal start time.

Q: What will be expected of a student during this period of online instruction?

  • First, remember that you are technically “in class,” so be sure to only say and do things in the Zoom classroom that would be appropriate to say or do in the IEP classroom.
  • Check your email throughout the day, every day!
  • Please use the “chat” function on Zoom to communicate with instructors, and, when allowed, with your fellow students.
  • Finally, your instructors will include a way for all students to ‘sign’ NC State’s honor pledge when turning in work for a grade. You are responsible for submitting YOUR own work – online and in the classroom. Rules about academic integrity still apply in a virtual teaching environment. If your instructors think that cheating or plagiarism has occurred, the Associate Director will be notified.

Practice good digital citizenship! When you are online, be sure to:

  • You are in your IEP class – the only difference is that the class is online.
  • Instructors will be dressing and acting as they always do. They will expect the same of all students in their class.
  • Present yourself in a manner that is respectful to instructors and fellow students – as you dress at the IEP.
  • Be focused on class content.
  • Electronic usage – same as when in class.
  • Do not eat while you are on camera. This can be very distracting to your instructor and your classmates
  • Communicate with each other and with your instructor in English.
  • Use respectful behavior and language when ‘in class’
  • Stick to appropriate topic discussions
  • Make only appropriate/permitted video or audio contributions
  • Do your own work. Your instructors will let you know what kind, if any, help you may receive from others.

Best Practices for online meetings and classes:

Set up a dedicated space as free as possible from distractions. Consistency and routines will be important in the Distance Learning environment.

  • Space: Create your learning space in a common area of your home
  • resist the urge to multi-task: make sure only class-related tools are open on your device. If you are emailing others, or chatting with classmates offline, you WILL miss valuable material and/or important instructions.
  • Time: Establish a daily routine and stick to it. Be sure to set your alarm in the morning, wake up and get ready for classes.
  • In addition to your studies, prioritize healthy eating, conversation with friends, exercise, and relaxation each day.

Q: What if I have computer questions?

A: If you have technical difficulties, first, ask your instructor for assistance. If he/she is not able to resolve the problem, try to find your answer at the Zoom Help Center.

Q: What happens if my internet at home is down and I miss a class online?

A: Once your internet is fixed, please email your instructor and explain the circumstances.

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