Full-Time Program Costs

All full-time IEP students (including conditionally admitted students) pay the same amount while in the Intensive English Program EXCEPT Pathway Program students.

The cost for one term of the Intensive English Program includes the mandatory program fees listed below. Payment is due by the last day of orientation (the Friday before classes begin).

Mandatory Fees – Remote Instruction

Fee TypeSummer 2021*Fall 2021**Spring 2022**
IEP Program Fees$3,312.22$5,468.10$5,468.10
University Fees-TBATBA
Ed and Tech Fee$178.44$178.44$178.44
School Fee
Campus Security Fee$15.00$15.00$15.00
Total Mandatory Cost$3,505.66$5,661.54$5,661.54

All fees above are subject to change without notice.

*Note: The Intensive English Program for the Spring 2021 semester will be conducted online. Remote instruction fees are based on the NC State Distance Education required fees. Both the program and university fees reflect this change.

**Note: Mandatory fees will be updated when final decisions are made regarding the method of instruction for the Summer and Fall 2021 semesters.

Estimated Total Cost – Local Students

Fee TypeSpring 2021Summer 2021Fall 2021
Mandatory Fees$5,658.66$3,505.66$5,658.66
Health Insurance*TBATBA
Cost of Living**$7,928.00$2,643.00$7,928.00
Estimated Total Cost$13,589.54$6,148.66$13,589.54

*All IEP students MUST have health insurance. Students can choose whether to use the NC State Student Blue insurance or find an alternative option. Students are automatically enrolled but have the option to waive out if they have their own insurance. Failure to waive will result in the student being responsible for the fee even if the Student Blue insurance is not used. For the Spring 2021 semester, the health insurance requirement is waived because students are enrolled as Distance Education learners.

**Estimated living costs include approximately $250 for books.

Actual expenses per semester may be higher or lower depending on the student’s lifestyle.

Additional Cost Information

  • New students are required to pay a nonrefundable $200 enrollment deposit. The deposit is applied towards the IEP Program Fees.
  •  Students applying directly to the IEP for admission (NOT students that are conditionally admitted to NC State) will be required to pay a one-time application fee of $150.  Note that this application fee is non-refundable.
  • For in-person programs, IEP students are charged mandatory university fees at the same rate as undergraduates taking 12+ credit hours per semester.
Refund Policy

Payment of Fees

  • Payment is always due by the last day of orientation.
  • Paying the fees on time is very important and if a student does not pay on time, they may be dropped from the program.
  • Students will be shown how to pay through the NC State MyPack Portal during orientation.
  • Sponsored students must email their letter of financial guarantee to the Cashier’s Office at sponsorbilling@ncsu.edu before the payment deadline.