English Language Study

Full-time English language students join the Intensive English Program for academic preparation, professional development and/or personal enrichment. They do not already have to be associated with NC State University and can be provided with a student visa to study in the IEP.

Levels of Instruction

4 Intermediate*

5 High Intermediate

6 Low Advanced

IEP student using technology during class.

Level Placement

New students take a placement test when they arrive to determine their level. Depending on their level, they will take 18 – 23 hours of classes each week.



15 weeks

Early August to early December


15 weeks

Mid-January to first week of May


10 weeks

Mid-May to mid-July

*Level 4 is typically not offered during the summer due to low demand. The summer session is usually recommended for returning students only due to its shortened schedule and intensive nature. Summer is best for motivated new students who have at least a TOEFL iBT 70 or place into our Levels 5 and 6.

IEP Courses

Olga Uzun leading a book discussion in an IEP class.
Sample Courses
  • Conversation, Presentation and Listening Skills
  • Academic Reading and Vocabulary Development
  • Academic Writing and Advanced Grammar Usage
  • American Life and University Culture

Sample Schedule

Class Time (EST)MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
8:00 - 9:00amConversation, Presentation, Listening SkillsConversation, Presentation, Listening SkillsConversation, Presentation, Listening SkillsConversation, Presentation, Listening Skills
9:00 - 9:30amBreakBreakBreakBreak
9:30 -10:30amAcademic Reading & VocabularyAcademic Reading & VocabularyAcademic Reading & VocabularyAcademic Reading & Vocabulary
2:00 - 3:30pmAcademic Writing & Advanced GrammarAcademic Writing & Advanced GrammarAcademic Writing & Advanced GrammarAcademic Writing & Advanced Grammar


  • Full-time students take 18-23 hours of classes each week depending on their level and location.
  • Group projects, individual assignments and nightly homework are assigned and are to be completed outside of class.
  • IEP semester schedules may have to consider students studying in different time zones; therefore, classes may start in the morning and/or evening.
  • To advance to the next level, students must pass their current level with a 3.0 GPA and a 90% attendance rate.
Male IEP student in an academic coaching appointment with Anita Culler.

Benefits of the IEP

IEP graduates are successful in their academic studies and careers. They have the language, cultural, and academic skills needed to achieve their goals.

IEP reception area

Virtual Tour of the IEP

Want to see where you will be taking classes? Take a virtual tour of the Intensive English Program building located at NC State University.