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The Intensive English Program at NC State is more than an English program. Students build a strong foundation in academic, cultural, and technological skills that prepare them for life in and out of the American classroom.

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at NC State University is a full-time, non-credit program for international students. We offer three levels of instruction – Intermediate through Advanced.  

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Why IEP?

IEP graduates are successful in their academic studies. They have the language, cultural, and academic skills needed to achieve their goals.

Why? A TOEFL or IELTS score measures English proficiency at a specific point in time.  It does not always predict how well students are able to perform in the American classroom.  However, students in the IEP live and study completely in English and assignments are similar to those in U.S. university classrooms. English is learned quickly and practiced daily.
American professors emphasize discussions, group work and sharing opinions. This may be different from professors in your country. The IEP teaches you how to be successful in American classrooms.
If your language skills are poor, you may fail your university classes. Failing will lower your GPA and cause you to waste time AND money. It can also hurt your immigration status. Smart students invest their time and money in English preparation before taking university classes. They also strengthen their study skills and learn effective time management.

Studying in the IEP is an investment in your future. If you understand and use English well, you can focus on the content of your courses rather than the language. Since all IEP courses are non-credit, failing a course in the IEP will not harm your GPA.

Learning English is different from learning other subjects. Memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules is not enough.  You must actively practice what you learn.  Making mistakes is a part of language learning and is actually a sign that you are making progress!