Part-Time Enrollment

The Intensive English Program offers part-time enrollment to anyone (18+) in the Triangle area who is interested in improving one or more aspects of their English proficiency. Study with others from around the world. Depending on the semester schedule, classes may be offered throughout the day or in the evening. Click here to view short IEP student videos about our program.

Benefits of IEP Part-Time Enrollment

Good value ($18 per contact hour)

Enhance academic and professional language skills

Experienced ESL instructors

Convenient location across from D.H. Hill Library

Time Commitment

The IEP is time-intensive.

The Intensive English Program is not designed for casual or social learners of English.

Generally speaking, for each course hour, you should plan on having one to two hours of work to complete outside of class. The amount of actual homework will depend on the course and the number of hours it meets per week.

Levels of Instruction

4 Intermediate*

5 High Intermediate

6 Low Advanced

Course Options and Cost

Part-time students can enroll in up to 16 hours/week per semester with the IEP.

CourseTotal Course Hours/wkClass Meetings/wk 10-wk Summer 15-wk Fall, Spring
Conversation & Presentation Skills
3 hours per week2 days per week $510 $765
Listening & Note-Taking for Academic Lectures
3 hours per week2 days per week $510 $765
Academic Reading & Vocabulary 6 hours per week4 days per week $1020 $1530
Academic Writing, Research & Grammar 8-10* hours per week4-5 days per week $1360 or
$2180 or

*The number of hours per week is dependent on your English level. The cost reflects the number of hours per week.


  • We welcome part-time students of any age to sign up for our classes. Note: our classes are designed for intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency.
  • Spring and fall semesters are approximately 15 weeks; the summer semester is usually 10 weeks.
  • Usually, all levels of instruction (intermediate, high-intermediate, and low-advanced) are offered each semester.
  • Refunds are issued following the university posted policy. A $10 administrative fee will be applied for every class withdrawal processed.
  • Because IEP part-time students do not pay university fees, they are not eligible to use university resources such as the recreational center/gym or printing services. In addition, they may not check out or borrow materials from the library.
  • Part-time students are placed in the regular IEP courses with our full-time English language students.
  • The IEP primarily serves college-age students wishing to study either at NC State or other American colleges and universities. These students take the program on a full-time basis and are in classes from 21-23 hours per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Close-up of IEP students in class

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