Student Stories

Find out what our students have to say about the IEP!

Students agree – the IEP is a BIG help!

Our former students say the IEP helped them to:

  • communicate confidently
  • feel like they already belonged at NC State
  • develop a social network for future projects
  • know what American professors expect
  • use classroom technology
  • understand how different cultures think
  • accomplish more academically in less time

For me it’s just my little world.  It’s my home now.  We’re a big family, and we are all proud about being here at NC State.

-Laura from Venezuela — Major: Biological Sciences

Leaving my country to live in a completely different place was challenging, even though studying abroad was on the top of my dreams’ list. To attend the IEP at NC State was, for sure, a very important step for me, and I was lucky to meet such nice people teaching and studying there. At the rooms and halls of IEP, I made friends, we learned about different cultures, music, foods, places, and thoughts. Of course there were a lot of homework too!! But I’m glad to had dedicated time doing them. I realized that the more my English improves, the larger the world becomes. So, learning a different language was not the big deal, but improving my communication skills. Thanks to the time I spent being an IEP student, I could get a nice TOEFL score, take academic classes at NC State, make friends from all around the world, and achieve my academic goals.  I really loved this experience, and I’ll never forget how everybody was so nice and friendly.

– Mariene from Brazil – Major: Biomedical Sciences

It is more than English.  You can be involved in American culture.

– Hamad from Saudi Arabia

IEP has helped me get used to college life. I am going to be even more prepared when I enter my undergraduate [program]. My life has completely changed. I met a lot of people from different countries and different cultures.

– Ines from Peru – Major: Textile Management and Brand Marketing