Part-Time Program Costs

Part-time students can enroll in up to 16 hours/week per semester with the IEP.

Conversation and Presentation Skills 3 1.5 hrs, 2 days/week$495$742.50
Listening and Note-Taking Skills 31.5 hrs, 2 days/week$495$742.50
Reading and Vocabulary 62 hrs, 3 days/week$900$1485
Writing and Grammar 8-10*2 hrs, 4-5 days/week$1320-$1650$1980-$2475

*The number of hours per week is dependent on the English level. The cost reflects the number of hours per week.

Additional Costs:

  • Part-time students must purchase an NC State ID card for $20 in order to have access to the IEP building.
  • Students spend $50 – $140 per course on textbooks each semester.


  • Payment for the chosen course(s) is due the day after classes begin for the semester.
  • Part-time students can enroll in up to 16 hours/week per semester with the IEP.
  • Spring and Fall semesters are 15 weeks and the Summer semester is 10 weeks. Level 4 is typically not offered during the summer.
  • Refunds are issued following the university‚Äôs posted policy. A $10 administrative fee will be applied for every class withdrawal processed.
  • Because IEP part-time students do not pay university fees, they are not eligible to use university resources such as the recreational center/gym or printing services.  In addition, they may not check out or borrow materials from the library.
  • Financial aid cannot be used for the Intensive English Program because it is a non-credit program.
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Part-Time Enrollment

The IEP offers part-time enrollment for the general public, NC State Visiting Scholars, their spouses, and dependents (18+) as well as the spouses and dependents (18+) of international students.

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