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IEP Courses

Full-time students take 18-22 hours of classes each week depending on their level.

Part-time students can enroll in 3-22 course hours per week.

Two 90-min. classes/week

This class is designed to introduce students to proven strategies designed to increase confidence when conversing with native-English speakers. Outside activities – including homework assignments and projects requiring interaction with classmates are an important part of the course. Sample in-class activities for this class include:

  • Practicing strategies for following complex conversations
  • Navigating small group discussions
  • Structuring an academic presentation and clearly presenting information, opinions, and/or research in front of an audience
  • Developing speaking skills so that you are better understood in both informal and formal conversations

Listening and Note-Taking for Academic Lectures

Two 90-min. classes/week

A key part of student life as an undergraduate is listening to academic lectures. Listening is a key skill in efficient conversation, as well. Therefore, in our listening and note-taking class, students will engage in activities designed to increase general listening skills. By listening to authentic lectures and student conversations, students will practice identifying specific language that marks the general structure of a speaker’s oration. Students will also learn how to effectively keep track of important facts and ideas during shorter excerpts and longer passages of academic lectures.

Four 90-min. classes/week

This class is designed to introduce IEP students to authentic examples of the styles, vocabulary, and reading topics often seen in undergraduate classes at an American college or university. Lessons will focus on reading strategies, critical thinking, annotating, vocabulary skills, and discussing written texts. Students will have opportunities to strengthen their reading comprehension and fluency by reading texts from a variety of reading types (news and business reports, journal articles, academic research, etc.).

7-9.5 course hours/week depending on your level

In order to succeed at work or in school, you must have knowledge and confidence in your ability to write in English. In these classes, our instructors use a variety of writing tasks so that you can practice writing skills and use advanced grammatical structures. Depending on your level, you might find yourself writing some of the following:

  • Movie review
  • Response to a test or essay question
  • Narrative about an architectural structure
  • Analytical report
  • Business plan
  • Compare/contrast magazine article
  • Persuasive magazine article
  • Data analysis and summary

Additionally, students who place into our highest level will learn how to research and write a short- to medium-length research paper. This task will focus on using appropriate resources and, most importantly, how and when to cite outside sources in a research paper.

One 75-min. class/week

American Life and University Culture (ALUC) has two primary goals – connecting our students with campus and discovering the strengths each student brings to the table – the academic table, the executive table, the family table. Specifically designed for new IEP students and taken during their first semester in the IEP, ALUC provides opportunities for all new students to learn more about their individual strengths, and to engage in discussions with NC State student mentors and the course instructor on topics related to being successful as an international student. Topics include:

  • Social-Academic aspects of student life
    • Learning how to successfully contribute when working in groups with students who are similar to you, and those who are different than you
  • Campus Connections
    • Academic policies and resources available on campus
    • Guest speakers from academic and cultural groups at NC State