Online English Proficiency Test Registration

The purpose of this test is to determine if the Intensive English Program is appropriate for you. This test is for English language study applicants who have either never taken a standardized test or have not taken one within the last calendar year. It may not be used as proof of English proficiency for conditional admission to the university.

Note: If you are interested in part-time enrollment, you do NOT need to submit this form.

Online English Proficiency Test Registration

  • What semester are you applying for the IEP? * Required
    This test can be used for English language study applicants (NOT for conditional admission or for part-time enrollment).
  • Have you already submitted your IEP application? * Required
  • Online English Proficiency Test Information

  • I have reviewed the technical requirements and have the necessary equipment. * Required
  • This test is for determining if the IEP is appropriate for you. It is your responsibility to uphold the integrity of the test; meaning that you will take the test by yourself with no assistance. The use of any assistance will compromise the test and our ability to determine the appropriateness of the program. * Required
  • Completion of this test does not guarantee admission to the IEP. You must obtain a minimum overall level of intermediate on your score report and meet all other admission requirements. * Required
  • The cost of this online English proficiency test is $40. You will be provided with the payment link after this registration form is reviewed. * Required
  • Scheduling the Test

    The test must be taken during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time). Please select the best days and times you are available to take the test. An IEP staff member will contact you to schedule your test based on your preferences.
  • What days work best for you? * Required
    Select all that apply.
  • What time of day works best for you? * Required
    The test takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Select all that apply.
  • Form of communication for during the test: * Required
    In case you have any problems or questions during the test, please select the best form of communication for you.
  • In order to verify your identity during the test, a copy of photo identification (such as a passport) must be emailed to BEFORE the scheduled test date. * Required
  • Please write any additional comments or information you would like for us to know. For example, what is your goal for joining the IEP?