Evening/Weekend Courses

The Intensive English Program at NC State offers 5-week English language courses for non-native English speakers in the Raleigh-Durham area on weeknights and Saturdays.

IEP COVID-19 Updates

Due to the continued global pandemic, the IEP was not able to offer our evening/weekend classes for the Fall 2021 semester. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely in the hope that we will be able to resume face-to-face classes for the Spring 2022 semester.

Dates and Costs*

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English Language Courses

Business English Writing

In the world of business, communicating clearly and concisely in written form is required of mid- and high-level employees. In this course, participants will examine the conventions of acceptable business English (BE) communication. Using task-based activities, participants will work to define the purpose, as well as the proper structure, tone and formality required within a variety of written communications common in business today.

  • Time Commitment: 2 hours/week
  • Course Availability: Tuesday evenings
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency

The Art of English Conversation

This course offers students a chance to experiment with and practice spoken English that will allow them to communicate with confidence in a variety of situations. In addition to simulating conversations appropriate to life in the community, at work and/or in a school setting, students will practice using correct pronunciation when speaking and be given individual feedback on topics such as stress, intonation, and tone.

  • Time Commitment: 2 hours/week
  • Course Availability: Tuesday evenings
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency

Pronunciation of American English

This course is designed to focus on pronunciation skills which will enable non-native English speakers to be better understood when engaging in daily conversation. Each student receives an assessment of their current speech patterns and areas in need of improvement. Upon completion, students should be able to pronounce English words, phrases and sentences with increased accuracy and intelligibility.

  • Time Commitment: 2 hours/week
  • Course Availability: Thursday evenings
  • Open to all English proficiency levels
  • Textbook will be required

Test Prep Courses

TOEFL Test Prep

This course serves as an introduction to the format, test-taking skills and strategies designed to improve scores on the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test). The emphasis of this class is on developing familiarity with the sections of the TOEFL (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) and practicing English language and test-taking skills for this proficiency test. By practicing test-taking skills and time-management strategies, participants can increase their readiness to take the TOEFL iBT. Participants will take one or two practice test(s) in class.

  • Time Commitment: 3 hours/week
  • Course Availability: Saturday mornings
  • Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency
  • Textbook will be required


  • No grades are given in these courses. A certificate of completion can be issued upon request.
  • All courses are first-come, first-served.
  • Some courses will have a small amount of homework outside of class.
  • A minimum number of students is required to run each course. If the minimum is not met, course fees will be refunded.
  • During adverse weather events and other emergency conditions when the University‚Äôs schedule is altered, course participants will be notified by their instructor or the IEP of any change to the course schedule. All efforts will be made to reschedule the class session.
Students in a group discussion

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