Fall Orientation

Students walk to class on North Campus at the Brickyard, near the space where Harrelson Hall used to be.

Fall 2022 Orientation

The Intensive English Program welcomes you to Raleigh and to North Carolina State University! We are excited that you are HERE and finally able to join the Wolfpack in person as you continue your academic journey!

Welcome to the IEP at NC State!

Orientation is designed to help you feel comfortable in your new environment and learn important information essential to making your first semester in the IEP a successful one. It’s important that you take advantage of all the sessions so you feel prepared, informed, and READY to be a participating member of the IEP and NC State’s Wolfpack. We are here to answer your questions and help in any way we can, but it all starts with you! Ask questions, get out, meet new people, and start thinking of all you want to accomplish in the upcoming months. Get ready to Think and Do!!

Screencast Instructional Videos

To help you remember all you’ve heard during orientation sessions, we have compiled these short instructional videos that you can reference whenever you need to. These videos were made in past semesters, so remember to look for updates on the Current Student Portal, or ask one of our instructors.

2-Factor Authentication Help

PowerPoint Slideshows

These narrated powerpoints from our past online orientations are available for your review at any time during the semester.


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