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Nan Clarke

Assistant Director


The IEP’s assistant director, Nan Clarke, brings more than thirty years of teaching experience to the NCSU IEP. She began her teaching career in Ghana, West Africa, and Valencia, Spain, where she taught EFL to elementary, middle, and high school students as well as adults in a variety of professions. She has also taught English language arts to middle and high school students in the United States and worked as the program developer and lead instructor in an Adult Education Program in upstate New York for almost a decade. Prior to working in the IEP, Ms. Clarke was based in Shanghai, China, where she was the director of an academic English program that served students in five major Chinese cities. She has also worked for nearly 20 years as a contributing writer and editor for publishers who specialize in developing academic materials for language learners worldwide. Ms. Clarke has an M. A. in TESOL from The School for International Training and a B. A. in English from California State University at Long Beach. She is certified as a public school teacher in both North Carolina and New York in English, grades 7 through 12, and ESL grades K through 12. She is an avid reader, movie enthusiast, and artist and enjoys spending time with family and friends, preferably at one of North Carolina’s beautiful beaches.


Master of Arts TESOL School for International Training

Bachelor of Arts English California State University