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Elaine Goh



Elaine Goh considers herself to be an international citizen. Born in Malaysia, immigrated to Australia, worked for three years as an English teacher in the Republic of Georgia and South Korea, she now finds herself living in the United States teaching academic English. As a polyglot who, in addition to her native English,  speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Bahasa Malaysia, Ms. Goh is readily able to offer English language instruction with full knowledge of most students’ native linguistic backgrounds. Her fields of expertise, including intercultural communication, TOEFL prep, and rhetorical writing, have benefitted the Intensive English program for more than five years. When not caring for her adorable 1-year old son, Ms. Goh enjoys globetrotting, exploring different food cultures, and blogging about her travels.


Master of Arts, Applied Linguistics, Monash University
Bachelor of Arts, Health Sciences, La Trobe University


Master of Arts Applied Linguistics Monash University

Bachelor of Arts Health Sciences La Trobe University