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Intensive English Program

William Haselton

Lead Reading & Vocabulary Instructor

Billy has taught at the IEP since 2012. He has served in many different types of ESL programs, including community colleges, elementary schools, universities, and language institutes. He has taught ESL students from practically every continent (except Antarctica). In addition to teaching English language learners, he has taught teacher training courses and led workshops for prospective ESL teachers. Billy and his family lived in Taipei, Taiwan, for nine years, where he served at Overseas Radio & Television as a writer and editor and an English teacher on radio and TV programs. His academic interests include second language acquisition, methods of teaching ESL, pronunciation, grammar, and computer-assisted language learning. He loves learning languages, and he celebrates the linguistic diversity represented by the students at the IEP.


Master of Arts, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), University of Alabama
Bachelor of Arts, English, Tennessee Temple University