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Meet Zainab Homoud


Undergraduate Conditional Admission

Undergraduate Major:

Biomedical Engineering

Why did you choose NC State University?

I choose it because it is one of the best university in Engineering and values.

What is your favorite memory from the IEP?

The communication between the students and the faculty. It is also the trips and activities that have been all around the year in the IEP.

What is the greatest thing you learned from the IEP?

Adversity is a power that everyone needs, also, there is always a place for you to belong even in another country.

What advice do you have for future IEP students?

It is the chance for you to change internally and externally, take every chance here to develop.

Your Story:

I have been discovering more and more about university life, it is like I have been in a small village and then I went to a big city. University life is full of opportunity that I have to achieve and take care of. Leadership is part of my goals in the university life, and since I am an international student, I always wanted for those who start a new life and journey to feel that they are welcome in their new place and home which is NC State.

The content and grammar of the students’ answers have been lightly edited.