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Meet Felipe Andrade

Felipe Andrade


Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP)

Semester(s) in the IEP:

Summer 2015

Home Country:


What is your favorite memory from the IEP?

The external events were very important to me and are definitely good memories from the IEP. During these events, I had the opportunity to practice my English skills while interacting with students from different parts of the world and experiencing a bit of the American culture.

What advice do you have for future IEP students?

During the program, I realized that learning a new language is much more effective when you have an immersive experience, applying your knowledge not only inside the classroom but also on your day-do-day activities. IEP teachers prepared us to live and study in the US.

What advice do you have for future IEP students?

Enjoy our opportunity of learning English in this immersive and intensive program. The amount of required classes and homework can be overwhelming, but it’s worst it. At the end, you will feel much more prepared to live in the US.

Your Story:

After completing the program, I studied at NC State for one year and then participated in a summer research project at Illinois Institute of Technology. After that, I returned to Brazil and finished my undergraduate degree. I also worked for a startup company called In Loco in Brazil and I’m currently working for Google in Germany.

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